Main R&D areas

Main R&D areas

Department of Physics takes part in solving many research problems. The research itself is divided among the following groups.

Custom Systems Development Group

This group is dedicated to development of unique devices and systems, which use the development of sensors and new algorithms to push the boundaries of commonly accessible commercial products to fulfil more specific requirements of the customers.

Czech Noise Research Laboratory

Czech Noise Research Laboratyory is oriented on the research of new ways and methods of determining the reliability and estimation of service life of components for electronics. Other methods and procedures for non-destructive diagnostics of electronic components and materials are developed as well, aside from the research focused on electrical noise. Development of models for electrical components is also an important part of the effort.

Noise Diagnostics Group

This group deals with non-destructive diagnostics of electrical components, sensors, electric insulators and building materials. It uses observation of transport and fluctuation processes, as well as acoustic and electromagnetic emission.

Electron Microscopy Group

This group handles investigation of surfaces and materials including element analysis using electron microscopy. Machining and surface modification is achieved by focused ion beam. Electron microscope Tescan LYRA and AFM and SNOM (NT-MDT) scanning microscopes are used to achieve these goals.

Nanometrology Group

Nanometrology group deals with contactless non-destructive material surface investigation using, among others, AFM and SEM microscopy and interferometry. Main goals of this group are acquisition of topography, local spectroscopy and fluorescence of semiconductor surfaces.