Lecture laboratories

Lecture laboratories

The education takes place in laboratories of Department of Physics. Have a look at what the students are working on.

Laboratory for practical exercises in physics

These laboratories are a part of the education process in the basic courses of physics in bachelor study programmes. Here, students will learn to better understand the basic principles of mechanics, vibrations and waves, thermodynamics, electromagnetism, optics and quantum physics. Laboratories are equipped with basic devices like oscilloscopes, signal generators, power sources and multimeters. Specialized devices like lasers, monochromators and gamma radiation sources are among the equipment as well.

Master programme laboratory

This laboratory is dedicated for teaching of specialized physics-related courses in the master study programmes. The courses in question are, among others, Nanotechnology, Solid state physics or Non-destructive diagnostics and the physics of dielectrics. The laboratory is equipped with a number of highly specialized top tier devices, aside from the basic equipment. AFM, SNOM and electron microscopes are just some of the advanced devices that can be found there.

Doctoral programme laboratory

This laboratory is assigned to students of the Microelectronic and Technology doctoral programme, who are carrying out their studies in the Department of Physics. The laboratory provides these students with the basic background and completes the range of specialized research laboratories.