Novel layered architecture based on Al2O3/ZrO2/BaTiO3 for SMART piezoceramic electromechanical converters

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The paper is focused on a very hot topic of SMART materials
and their architectures for energy conversion systems designed for conversion of mechanical to electrical energy using the piezoelectric effect. The aim of the study is to increase both the reliability and efficiency of electromechanical conversion compared to standard concepts. Our new design of piezoelectric cantilever is made with multi-layer ceramic composite, where piezoelectric layer BaTiO3 is covered by protective ceramics layers of different residual stresses, where Al2O3 and ZrO2 is used. Utilization of controlled residual stresses into new multi-layer architecture is the key idea and it is crucial for optimal design of the individual layers of the proposed concept. The multi-layer ceramic composite is fabricated by electrophoretic deposition, where the composite is assembled from different ceramic materials during processing and after sintering we get inseparable ceramic laminate consisting of piezoelectric and protective layers of ceramics. This approach of processing multi-layer ceramic material including lead free piezoelectric layers is innovative and has never been published before.

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SMART materials
piezoceramic, electrophoretic deposition, multi-layer ceramic material